What is considered a defect?

Building defects can range from structural cracking in buildings, leaking showers, water ingress to buildings, rising dampness, condensation mould, sagging in roof framework, deterioration of mortar to brickwork, ventilation to sub-floor areas, efflorescence and deteriorated roof membranes.

Adhereing to Australian Standards

When determining what is a defect, a check must be made as to the work completed and measured against that of the required Standard.
Not all defects within a building are covered by the Australian Standard. An example is condensation mould, both the causes and affect of this problem.

Body Corporate Building Inspections & Property Maintenance Estimates

Why get a Building Maintenance Inspection Report? If building and property maintenance issues are identified and repaired early an owner can save thousands of dollars in some cases as major repairs can be prevented altogether.

Our reports will identify any major building problems and maintenance issues that should be rectified to prevent further deterioration of a building or property.

Sample Report

Building and Pest Sample Report