How Everyone Benefits from Our Handovers

You benefit by having an independent assessment of the quality of work so you can make your final payment with confidence.

Your builder benefits from having the opportunity to correct any defects sooner rather than later which can be costly.

Builders are increasingly challenged to deliver quality construction with rising building costs in a competitive new home market. Even respected builders can have variations in quality. Most builders are concerned that errors and poor workmanship with the cost of associated re-work may destroy their reputation.

Or you may be wondering why you would need a timber pest inspection when you’ve just had new termite barriers installed. It is common for the termite barrier, which is installed early in the construction process, to be damaged or compromised by following building activity. Typical problems encountered are physical damage to the barrier, relocation of incorrectly positioned slab penetrations such as waste pipes, landscaping and paving built up above the weep holes or rendering over inspection zones.

Identify all defects, incomplete or sub-standard finishes

A Final/Handover Building Report is a post construction inspection which identifies any and all defects, incomplete work and/or poor or substandard finishes. Handover Inspections are carried out for newly completed, buildings or additions to a building.

Common defects which are usually found include items such as:

  • paint overruns
  • scratches to glass
  • damage to aluminium window frames
  • walls built out of plumb beyond normal tolerances
  • bulging plasterboard
  • defective cavity and sill flashing details
  • defects to cabinetry and many more

Our Recommendation

It is highly recommended that this report be done before taking possession of the building, so that scratches, broken items and minor imperfections cannot be classed as wear and tear.

A handover report is a comprehensive inspection report specifically focused on defects and/or substandard work that may or may not comply with the building code. This report is conducted prior to the purchaser taking possession of a new home and is an overall report where we are looking to ensure that the property is complete and ready for the Purchaser.

We are an independent party who is working for you
(The Purchaser)

Our report aims to identify any defects and/or incomplete finishes. Handover inspections highlight minor defects and imperfections as well as general building defects, and any poor workmanship.

When Selecting Your Builder We Recommend:

Don’t just rely on the display home… get referrals. Talk to others about their experience with the builder and if possible, visit their home to see examples of the builder’s work firsthand.

Ensure the builder is fully licensed to build in your state and carries the necessary insurance to protect you.

Have a solicitor help you negotiate the contract and, most importantly, ensure you and the builder clearly agree on what is to be built. Also ensure that construction timeframes, both best and worst case, are acceptable to you.
If you feel there may be a personality clash between you and your builder, agree to use an impartial third party to act as liaison to handle all negotiations.

Have Besafe Property Inspections conduct stage inspections, the handover inspection and following handover, a 6 monthly inspection for maintenance items and 6 yearly inspections for structural problems.

Sample Report

Building and Pest Sample Report