The Most Important Aspects To Be Taken Care Of During Building Stage Inspections

Inspectors, at Besafe Property Inspections, are trained to examine the buildings thoroughly in accordance with the Australian Building Standards. During the inspection, we may detect:

  • Any work that has not been done skillfully
  • Any part of the building that has been left incomplete
  • Issues related to timber pests
  • Structural and non-structural faults of the building

Out of six Stage Building Inspections, there are certain specifications for every stage. Rectification of the builder items is the next phase of this process. You may take an opportunity to modify the program offered by us in accordance with your requirements. You may select any number of Stage Building Inspections out of the following or simply go for all.

Foundation Stage Inspection: It is supposed to be conducted right before the process of slab pouring

Frame Stage Inspection: This inspection must be done after the completion of frame but before starting the internal-wall linings

Waterproofing/Lockup Stage Inspection: This is done at the time when external doors & windows have been put in place. At this stage of building, waterproofing and flashing must be complete, and roof should be on. However, this inspection is conducted before setting up of shower trays.

Pre-Painting/Fixing Stage: This is done when construction is over together with cabinetry but before painting.

Practical Completion/Handover Stage: This is the phase when process of building is over and final cleaning procedure has also been taken care.

Warranty Inspection: Within one year of the completion of the building Warranty Inspection is done to find out any non-structural flaws. This is a follow-up stage and it is done to be eligible for home insurance warranty.