Last chance inspection before it’s too late

A Pre Handover Inspection is the last chance you will get to see if the workmanship to your new home is up to scratch! Once you HAND OVER the final payment, your ability to have problems or imperfections rectified seem not to be a priority to the builder. This stage in your contract is the most important as you have the power to have the defects rectified before you move in. 

What is acceptable by today’s standards?

All our inspectors have had a minimum of 10 years in the Building Industry and are Registered Building Practitioners. They have a good understanding of what workmanship is acceptable in today’s industry and comply to the Building Commissions Standards & Tolerances and Building Code of Australia. It can be hard for most people to know what is acceptable and what is not but with an independent expert by your side you will have confidence your home will be to a state that a new home should be in.

If you have had disputes with the Builder or supervisor during construction then why not get the team at Buy Wise to inspect your home? We will provide you with a comprehensive report with digital photos for you to present to your builder, all defects are easily identifiable for the tradesman to builder to rectify.

Great Customer Service

We give you:

  • An Inspection within 24 – 48 hours
  •  Liaise with your real estate agent to confirm an inspection time.
  • Courtesy call to inform you of the confirmed booking time.
  • Invite you to attend the inspection.
  • Verbal report provided on the day of inspection.
  • Reports emailed the following morning.
  • Infrared thermal imaging can be arranged.
  • If you are renovating, extending or in the process of construction we can provide you with an expert opinion Estimate cost of rectification for any defect found during the inspection
  • Every inspection report will be complete with photographs taken at the time of the inspection.
  • We will help you to find the right tradesman if needed.
  • If you need a written report the same day as the inspection, just let us know and we will ensure that happens.