Buying a home will probably be the biggest financial decision you will ever make so it’s important to make a wise choice and book you’re pre purchase building inspection.

You must know about your property’s structural integrity and condition

It is vital for the completion of a successful home purchase to conduct a pre purchase building inspection so that you are aware of the property’s structural integrity, defects, maintenance requirements and its general current condition.

Ensuring that these items are identified prior to making your investment will allow you to:

  • Know in advance what problems, issues and maintenance requirements there are with the property
  • Get specialist advice on any maintenance, major or minor problems and how they will affect the property over time
  • Use the information to negotiate a lower price for the property should there be any major building concerns


Why choose pre purchase building inspection with BeSafe Inspections?

Our report is easy to read and is presented in a clear format, supported with relevant photographs.

The report will detail and identify the following:  

  • Defects
  • Maintenance issues
  • Compliance of the Building Codes of Australia and Australian Standards
  • Advice on rectification and repairs
  • Preventative maintenance advice
  • General cause of issues
  • Recommendations on who should be engaged to carry out any work requirements

Unlike some of our competitors, we offer a service where our Building Consultants are not pressured with time constraints. We allow ample time to fully inspect and investigate your property thoroughly, giving you peace of mind knowing that issues will not be neglected or completely missed.

Why should I have a Complete Pre-Purchase Building Inspection?

The fee for a professional building inspection service is small compared with the cost of having a property that needs unforseen major structural repairs and excessive maintenance. Our qualified Building Consultants know what to look for and will see through any cosmetic improvements that cover up faults.

Our complete pre-purchase building inspection are carried out in accordance with AS 4349.1 ‘Inspection of Buildings. Part 1: Property Inspections – Residential Buildings’.

 How long does the inspection report take to prepare?

We have a 24 hour turnaround from the time of inspection. Once complete and payment is received, your Complete Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report will be emailed and a hardcopy can posted out upon request.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Includes?

The pre purchase building inspection will include a detailed condition of all the accessible parts of the property, including but not limited to the following general areas:

  • Components and items
  • Interior
  • Floor construction, including sub-floors
  • Floor covering
  • Condition of internal walls including cracking and defects
  • Condition of internal ceilings and cornices including cracking, sagging and defects
  • Detection of moisture penetration to floors, walls and ceilings
  • Drummy, loose, cracked floor and wall tiles
  • Digital moisture penetration testing of shower recesses, adjacent walls and sunken living areas
  • Detection of leaks and blockages to plumbing fixtures
  • Water pressure testing to hot and cold taps
  • Waterproof sealing of wall / floor / benchtop / bath / cabinet junctions
    Vanity / Cabinet condition
  • Internal doors and door furniture operation and condition
  • Window operation and condition
  • Electrical check (visual only)
  • Compliance check of smoke alarms
  • Roof frame condition, including checking for conformance to the Timber Framing Codes and Building Codes of Australia
  • Exterior
  • Footings
  • Floor construction, including sub-floors
  • Condition of external walls including cracking and defects
  • Condition of external wall painting
  • Condition of external ceilings and cornices including cracking, sagging and defects
  • External doors and door furniture operation and condition
  • Window condition
  • Electrical check (visual only)
  • Compliance check of RCD safety switches
  • Roof cover, associated flashings, cappings and penetrations
  • Gutters, fascias and downpipes
  • Roof eaves lining sagging and moisture damage
  • Condition of hot water system
  • Stormwater drainage system connection
  • Surface water drainage assessment
  • External timber condition ie barges, cladding and beading
  • Patios and free standing structures
  • Condition of garage door/s
  • Driveway and property pathways condition
  • Retaining wall/s condition
  • Boundary fencing condition

Book with us and we will handle the rest.


Great Customer Service

We give you:

  • An Inspection within 24 – 48 hours
  • Liaise with your real estate agent to confirm an inspection time.
  • Courtesy call to inform you of the confirmed booking time.
  • Invite you to attend the inspection.
  • Verbal report provided on the day of inspection.
  • Reports emailed the following morning.
  • Infrared thermal imaging can be arranged in combination with you’re pre purchase building inspection.
  • If you are renovating, extending or in the process of construction we can provide you with an expert opinion
  • Estimate cost of rectification for any defect found during the inspection
  • Every inspection report will be complete with photographs taken at the time of the inspection.
  • We will help you to find the right tradesman if needed.
  • If you need a written report the same day as the inspection, just let us know and we will that happens.


For more information on pre purchase pest inspection in the North Shore of Sydney and , Sydney metro contact Besafe inspections on 0404 555 335, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.