Pre-sale building inspections, also known as vendor inspections and/or pre-auction building inspections, are conducted prior to sale or auction of any building/property and document its condition. These help you to identify the problems that need to be addressed and rectified in a building, prior to the property being listed for sale or auction.

What are the benefits of having a pre-sale building inspection?

For Vendor:

  • You will be able to identify the problems in your property that need to be rectified and you will be able to get a better listing price having the property inspected and appraised.
  • Once you have a thorough inspection report to back your listing price, there will be greater chances of getting more reliable offers which will hopefully translate into confirmed deals.
  • It protects you from the possibility of the buyer making any claim against the condition of the property, concealing defects and even misrepresentation of the property.

pre sale

What happens if the Pre-Sale Inspection finds problems? The decision is yours. Once you’re aware of defects that may adversely affect your property’s market value, you can choose to undertake the necessary repairs or renovations prior to listing or simply reflect these in your price. You get to choose so you sell your home faster for the price you want. And you stay in control of your sale. Isn’t that better than adopting an ostrich approach and being unpleasantly surprised?

How to go for it?

If you are planning to sell a property/building in Australia, we recommend that you have your pre-sale inspections done prior to sale. This will give you a better opportunity for striking a deal at your own terms. When you know about problems and issues on your property, you stand a better chance at rectifying them before they pose to be a problem after sale. You can safeguard yourself against claims made by the purchasing parties regarding defects or misrepresentation of the property to them.

Besafe Property Inspections uses the latest technologies to ensure 100% accuracy within our inspection reports. We will detect all types of faults, damages and safety issues that might be present on your property and leave nothing to doubt.

When you need reliable and licensed pre-sales inspections done on your building/property, you can trust Besafe Property Inspections. We say this because we have a reputation for providing the best pre-sale property inspections to our clients in Sydney. All our inspections are done by a licensed builder with more than 10 years of professional building/property inspection experience. We also provide you with comprehensive inspection reports that address structural damage, pest problems and issues with the swimming pools, etc.

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