Special Purpose Inspections for Buildings

If you need to find out some particular constructional defect in your residential or commercial properties, Special Purpose Inspections for Buildings is the right solution for you. You might have noticed the issue just recently or it has been appearing slowly during a certain time period. Sometimes, even you’re confused and you don’t know whether it is really going to be a problem for you or not.


It is pretty simple to be taken care of. Contact us now and you’ll be rescued by one of the inspectors from Besafe Property Inspections. The inspector will take responsibility to thoroughly examine the situation to find the facts while determining the extent of damage and will let you have peace of mind. You may also ask the inspector for the quick advice to take care of the issue.

Besafe Property Inspections are ready to conduct the inspection of your residential or commercial property for various purposes that may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Substandard installations of frame and other structural issues
  • Movements and splits in ceilings, floors and walls
  • Visible gaps that may appear around the windows, in cornices or striking boards
  • Detection of problems related to damp
  • Ground subsidence or issues with the level of floors
  • Problems regarding insulation
  • Issues related to leakage from bathrooms, roofs, gutters, etc.
  • Detection of asbestos exposure
  • Usage of substandard construction material or inappropriate use of materials
  • Evident ceiling water stains
  • Below the standard construction work that is not in compliance with standards of building

At Besafe Property Inspections, we always bring forth the facts and types of issues along with the photographic proofs. You’ll receive complete guidance to take care of all the issues by our experts. Our produced reports may also be used to claim on your insurance or for the proceedings at Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). We have access to the professional expertise of authorized builders with years of experience in the construction industry.

You can’t risk hiring someone who is new to this field and who cannot recognize the issues and faults in the construction of your property. Besafe’s Property Inspectors are at your service to examine your property. We’ve conducted thousands of Special Purpose Inspections for various buildings across the country and we’re well known for our fair advice.

Call us today to discuss your requirements!

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